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Roman walks: forno Campo De' Fiori

forno campo de' fiori rome
There's nothing better than a weekend in Rome in the middle of October: it's warm, it's beautiful, it's home, it's Rome. Plus, it was 25° and ridiculously sunny, and the reassuring brownish-yellow-light blue Roman colours were shining!

No, I could not spend my weekend back home without thinking at our beloved blog. So, today we'll start with a series of posts dedicated to Roman pilgrimages to holy food sites. And we can't start our pilgrimage without talking about the glorious Forno Campo De' Fiori, can we? 

Ok, we need to do some history first ...

In fact, the Forno is located in Campo De' Fiori (literally, "field of flowers" - the name was first given during the Middle Ages when the area was actually a meadow), a very famous square in which a food market is held every day (except Sundays). You can find a statue of the philosopher Giordano Bruno in the middle of the square: he was burnt alive here for heresy in 1600.

campo fiori, forno campo fiori, pizza campo fiori rome

Campo De' Fiori square is located in the baroque area of the city, enclosed between River Tiber, Piazza Venezia, via del Corso and Piazza del Popolo. In this relatively small area you can find tens of extraordinary churches, world-famous paintings, old roman monuments and enjoy the tales that every street tells you while passing by.

rome pictures
central rome, piazza navona, pizzeria roma

Yes, this is getting boring. Let's talk about real things: our Forno!

Well, this is by far one of the best Forno in town: here you can find an absolutely mouth-watering Pizza Bianca and many other Pizza Al Taglio variations. We are not talking about round pizzas you can eat in pizzerias: this is Pizza al Taglio (see here the dedicated post), which you can buy in local Fornos (i.e. bakeries) or dedicated shops. Pizza bianca is their showpiece: a crunchy, chewy olive oil-based flat bread that lands on the chopping block still hot and straight from the oven every 10 minutes at peak times. And yes, you can see how they make it running through the "kitchen" just behind the counter!

pizza bianca roma, pizza campo fiori, how to make focaccia

Look at this: orgasmic! If only you could smell the pizza scent when it is taken out of the oven...

forno campo de' fiori rome

Of course, you simply cannot miss all the other pizzas (the Margherita is lip-smacking, but also all the other variations are one step above the rest!), including confectionery, biscuits and the large range of breads they produce every day in the shop. 

If you happen to travel to Rome, it's easy to find our beloved Forno: Giordano Bruno is looking exactly at the Forno, whose name is clearly indicated on the walls. I wonder if he had the chance to eat such a thing...

pizza in rome, pizza restaurant rome, pizzeria roma

As you can see in the above picture, the same Forno guys own a twin shop which is located on the Forno's left side: you can find a gorgeous "pizza farcita" there (i.e. pizza bianca filled with fresh ingredients like ham, mozzarella, ham&figs, etc.).

If you can't go to Rome tomorrow morning and have lunch there, you can simply try our great homemade Pizza al Taglio recipe!

If you can't eat carbs or have some kind of allergy but will be in Rome tomorrow morning, you can also opt to spend a whole morning beside the entrance of the shop and smell heaven: it's worth it, surely not less than a Michelangelo painting.

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