Cooking is for sure one of the most common and trite hobbies. However, food is generally banalized and no, this is not acceptable. You can't put onions in a Carbonara. We aim at this, bringing Italian key cooking dogmas to non-Italians and spread around the best Italian home recipes!

Our secret? Being mad, and Italian. We are  Italians living in Dublin who simply love food in all its shapes, with a caveat: it must be simple, tasty and based on fine ingredients. We will never use low quality products. 

Why a blog? It's simple: it's only a way to enjoy ourselves, a good excuse to cook more and feel glorious after posting our recipes and preparation pictures! We will refer a lot to Dublin venues, brands and shops, but you don't need to live in Ireland to enjoy our recipes...you just need to love real Italian home food!

Only recipes? Nope! We will also talk about food in general from time to time, local Dublin shops where you can find authentic stuff and Italian walks and trips. After all, this is our passion!


  1. Thanks Lee, we really appreciate your feedback! Don't hesitate to send us any suggestion for new recipes or improvements :-)

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