Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Our Inspiration: Tricolore Monti!

The idea of a blog actually came out few months ago while attending a cooking class in Rome with some friends at Tricolore Monti, a little fancy sandwich shop and cooking class venue. We took part to a fresh pasta course: classes usually start at 7 pm and last about 3 hours (price is €80). We had the chance to learn how to prepare flour-only and flour+eggs pasta: amazing!

Here are some pix:

fresh pasta cooking class italian food

fresh pasta cooking class italian food

Some courses are available also in English and I strongly recommend this place if you want to learn the secrets of Italian recipes.....and visit Rome from another perspective :-)

Tricolore is also a gourmet-sandwiches shop at lunch time: here you can try perfectly engineered sandwiches with quite unsual  but still mouth-watering ingredients! The bread dough is inspired to Gabriele Bonci, the "Michelangelo of Pizza" as the NY Times defined him few years ago. He is basically one of the best pizzaioli in Italy and his small roman shop "Pizzarium" is becoming world-famous. His recipes will also inspire our next post......

...Stay Tuned!


  1. I am already in love with this epicurean blog and can't wait to see all the yummi receipts you are gonna post about guys! I'm following you now, hope you follow me back too! Food can be stylish too if you think about it...eating is not just a human need, it's an actual ART!


  2. “Cookery is not chemistry. It is an art. It requires instinct and taste rather than exact measurements.”
    - Chef Marcel Boulestin

    Thanks for following, I was already following you anonymously - now officially :-D