Thursday, October 4, 2012

Calabria Mon Amour!

Being a real foodie doesn't mean you need to spend hours cooking in the kitchen. Sometimes you might open your fridge and find genuine foods directly from...Calabria

Delicious soppressata (a typical salame from Calabria), fragrant fresh calabrese bread, luscious sottoaceti (veggies aged in extra-virgin olive oil), lipsmacking pancetta, lovely provolone and yes, boiled irish eggs :-)

pancetta and provolone cheese calabria italian food

No, la Calabria non delude mai!


  1. Where did you get soppressata in Ireland???
    PS: guys, c'mon: sottaceti!=sottoli...

  2. Ahah it comes straight from Calabria!! You're right, sottoli :-)

  3. You're right Fab, but my grandma would have shuddered at the word "sottoli"! :)