Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chocolate fondant...what else?

Preparation time: 10 minutes for the preparation, 8-10 minutes for cooking.
Details: approx. €10 to serve 15 fondants

chocolate fondant, chocolate brownie
A.k.a. "How to kick off a chilly-but-dry weekend in Dublin", the chocolate fondant is a simple but sensational dessert. 

This recipe has all the requirements to be declared as the perfect dessert recipe: simple, fast, no weird ingredients, you can prepare it in advance and above all, it's with CHOCOLATE.
The only important thing is that you have to know your oven very well, in order to get the right consistency: a little bit crunchy on the side, but exceptionally warm inside.

So, take out from the sideboard:
  • 200 gr. of dark chocolate (70%)
  • 180 gr. of butter
  • 40 gr. of flour
  • 4 eggs
  • 160 gr. of sugar
  • cupcake moulds

Melt the chocolate and the butter together in bain-marie. Whisk the eggs and the sugar together, adding the flour in the end.
Add the melted chocolate to the mixture and use a wooden spoon to blend it well, until you have a smooth cream.

chocolate fondant, brownie, chocolate recipes

Put the cream into the moulds, previously greased with butter and floured (if you are using silicone or paper moulds you don't need to use butter and flour). Fill the moulds for 3/4 and either:
  • cook them immediately (180°, for 13 minutes - ventilated oven)
  • freeze them and keep them for whenever you want to serve them. You can put them in the oven still frozen and the result will be exactly the same.
As I mentioned before, the only complicated part is when you cook them. In order to keep the centre soft and warm, you need to take out the fondants from the oven as soon as you see little cracks on the top:

chocolate fondant, brownie, chocolate recipes

Garnish them with red fruits, mint leaves and serve them!


  1. This is my favourite has taken me a while, but have managed to perfect the timing! €10 for 15fondants......good to know! Great post!

    1. ...For me every new oven is a new challenge ;)
      I like your eclectic blog and I look forward to seeing your new posts!